About Johanna Frank

Has anything ever tempted you to shove that to-do list and colossal pile of papers off your desk in one sweeping motion? An urge to write did that for me.

What chaos! Following the flurry, I eyed my laptop suspiciously and decided it could stay—as long as it behaved. Though it would need to be repurposed.

From off the floor, I pulled out a clean pad of lined paper and fished around for a decent blue ball-point pen. The still full-of-ink, flowing kind.

Time to author.

Starting with some theological renderings, a good dose of the whole heaven’s gate scene, bits of philosophical ideology about evil, and adding in some lovable supernatural characters—the good versus nasty kind, and then? Well, suddenly there’s plenty of havoc to play out on the lives of unsuspecting earthlings, like us, simply trying to get through life as it comes. That’s how my first serious writing project began, A Lifeline Fantasy Series.

I have a new goal in mind now—and that is to write fiction fantasy with deeper meaning. So now I create adventures in the world beyond, where everlasting connections exist alongside good old-fashioned battles of good versus evil.

I hope you’ll follow along …my commitment to you? To write stories that are soulful, whimsical, and venturous. Because I do believe, even a tiny bit of heavenly imagination can lighten the burdens we carry.

May your life’s journey be full of blessings.