Calling all Goodreads People!

Nov 13, 2022

If you haven’t discovered Goodreads, now’s a good time. It’s a large and very active site dedicated to readers to find book recommendations and reviews from other readers. Often authors will provide ‘Giveaway’ contests, and where am I going with this? 

I have two Giveaways happening right now – thought you’d like to know:

A Lifeline Fantasy Series:

Book #2 New Release – Jophiel’s Secret. 5 Print Copies (Canada and US)

Book #1 The Gatekeeper’s Descendants, 100 Kindle Copies! (US Only)

You can enter by clicking on the book links.

Goodluck, and may you win :)`

PS – Kindle Only Giveaways cannot be activated in countries other than US just yet.


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