Contests are good things…

Oct 18, 2022

Contests are fabulous ways for writers (particularly new ones like me) to receive feedback from others more experienced in the industry. Some contest judges even provide deep evaluations – things like plot, pace, character development, dialogue, setting, etc. are assessed and rated. In case you are thinking about writing creatively too, I recommend checking out contests as a way to obtain constructive criticism – it’s like …getting a report card 😊 It is important of course to ensure the organizer is reputable and legit. (That helps lol).

The Word Guild – whom its many volunteers spend hours of time reading countless novels – recently published their 2022 winners list, ‘Honouring the Best of Canadian Christian Writing from 2021.’ The Gatekeeper’s Descendants took a finalist position in two categories: Young Adult Fiction (in the General market) and Speculative Fiction (in the Christian market). Pretty happy about that. I applaud all the winners; we have some awesome writing talent across this great country.



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