Sampling is Good 🙂

Feb 1, 2023

Samples are good. I like samples, I have an entire drawer full of tiny little packets of hand creams, anti-aging face gels, eye makeup removers and even some lip glosses. Ever visited a Costco? Maybe they’ll get back to pre-pandemic times when foodie samples were at the end of practically each grocery aisle. Lunch while you shop, why not?! What a great way to try something – see if it fits into your personal range of yeah, that’s something I could like.

Well, now you can sample Book #2 in A Lifeline Fantasy Series, Jophiel’s Secret. The first five chapters are available for download – or simply read it on-line. And if you hadn’t already noticed, the first several chapters of The Gatekeeper’s Descendants are also available to sample – including audio.

So, if you are still wondering – Is this something I would like? Please be my guest to check it out before deciding. Head on over to the end of the aisle for a sample read or listen.

Cheers and here’s to no allergic reactions!

PS – it is my belief, it’s best to sample all the deserts when determining one’s choice.


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