The Journey Continues

Feb 19, 2022

A couple more blog stops completed! Short and sweet, here they are:

First, a stop at Inklings and Notions:

My thoughts: I love that this is a fantasy story that took on big emotions, since Matthew is dealing with grief over losing his father. I thought that the author did a good job with this, since those of us who have lost a loved one know what it is like to carry those emotions around and it was interesting to see how those played out for Matthew. 

I thought that the fantasy side of the story was interesting and unique. I enjoyed getting to know the characters as well. This is a great story for young adults on up!

And second:

From Deb’s Book Reviews:

This is a book for young readers and anyone that enjoys fantasy reads.   Matthew finds himself in having to face a tragedy that has happened in his past.  Pipiera is sent to earth to help him face the past and bring him happiness to his future.  Can she complete her mission to bring the family back to together?  How will Matthew survive this?

To read this book and enjoy you will need to have an imagination and enjoy reading Fantasy books that take to you to another world.  When reading this book it is for those that want to go to a place that makes you think and draw your own picture of how the characters look and feel.  I am not a fan of this type of reading, however, people that enjoy imaginative stories and being creative to the realm of this type of book, will enjoy this book from cover to cover.  

Stay tuned, still moving along for a few more days. So far, so good 🙂


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