The Lavender Formula

Feb 2, 2023

Boy, I wish this was reality! So cool to be carefree, and in an aromatic expanse of purple to boot.

But this does not reflect the world I live in. Though it does remind me of my childhood days, only it wasn’t a lavender field I scampered through, rather trenches of potato plants. I was often scolded for not doing what I was supposed to—hunt down each pajama striped cootie that bunked underneath a leaf, then incarcerate its little corpse into one of Oma’s rinsed out pickle jars. My brothers were more motivated than I, who wouldn’t be at the rate of a fish dime for 100 crunchy skeletons?

Nevertheless, this is one of those illustrations that capture my heart and yes, though it may not reflect the 6pm news, it reminds me of those springy hope-filled feelings deep within. Moving wonderful, carefree and safe notions to the forefront. Where they could or perhaps are meant to belong.

Real life + the wonder of hope = a better day 😊


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