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Jun 11, 2024


Now that it’s firmly established, down pat, well known, we shall together master the same understanding:  Johanna Frank is not a consistent blogger. 😊

Following a routine or a schedule is just not my thing. Honestly, I can’t even follow a recipe without adjusting it somehow for no reason other than I simply like to experiment. My family will attest to this, some results good, others not so much.

Not sure about yours, but my inbox is overwhelmed with newsletters daily. My fault, I subscribe. Why, because I like to hear what the blogger (typically another author or anything to do with travel) has to say. It’s nice to get to know them a little and read something refreshing, something that might even cause a smile. Have to admit, I read the first couple lines only, unless something of keen interest has me captured.

So, if you subscribe, I will not do this to you, create newsletters for the sake of a schedule. Which means my consistency with blogging will never be stellar. Just saying!

A big warm welcome if this is your first Johanna Frank blog read. (Please, I beg you, do not press delete just yet!) I am honoured that you have decided to check it out, hopefully to stay up to date with book news …

Book News: Installment #3 in A Lifeline Fantasy Series is well underway!

HERE LYETH, is the title and the official launch date is November 1, 2024.

Since the premise of this plot is based on the Prologue within The Gatekeeper’s Descendants, which means the setting goes back to the late 1600’s (boy that was a challenge, whew), HERE LYETH will become the first book in the series. (We’ve already established I don’t follow routine procedures, right?)

The plan for this series has always been five novels (aggressive for my first step into authorhood) and I already have plenty of thoughts for Installment #4, which will become the second book in the series. Naturally, saving the last installment for the grand finale. Confused? No worries. I’ll walk you through it!

PS. For five days, June 12-16, the Kindle versions of The Gatekeeper’s Descendants and Jophiel’s Secret will be discounted to $0.99. My aim is to gain additional readers prior to the release of HERE LYETH.


Credit: Photo 12625629 | What Happening © Richard Lammerts | Dreamstime.com






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