Checking it out!

Nov 14, 2022

It’s always so exciting when that first printed version of your paperback novel arrives on your doorstop! Well, listen to me, this is simply my second book – even so, I have this feeling it will ALWAYS be so exciting when that first printed piece of the work you’ve been slaving over for months and even years arrives in the form of a novel and by a kindly courier-on-the-run. It’s a feeling that I believe will never get old!

Aside from checking out the smooth and glossy front and back covers, running a couple fingers down the spine, fanning out the pages a couple of times, and then giving it a sniff – so new and wonderfully novel-fresh, I went straight to that family tree just before Chapter One. Love seeing how those characters came to be in each other’s lives!

Hope you like it too! I’ll be building on that family tree, going back in time. That’ll be a fun project!

Stay tuned 🙂


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