Kicking Off in Texas with Two Stops

Feb 12, 2022

While I haven’t had the pleasure yet, Texas is a definite on my bucket list of places to visit. I have read that Bluebonnets line the highways and fill the countryside each Spring. A symbol of bravery and sacrifice, these fields of flowers must bring waves of joy to all Texans and visitors. Sounds like late March, early April would be a great time to go!

The first two book bloggers are residents of Texas and had this to say following their read of The Gatekeeper’s Descendants.

From the Truth and Grace Homeschool Academy in Texas, by Patti Pierce:

“Imagine having a curse on your life, and then getting a chance to change the past. This fantasy novel will keep you interested. The author creates an excellent plot and characters that kept me interested. It illustrates the battle between good and evil.”

From Deana, blogger at Texas Book-aholic:

“What is important to note is how Matt, like most of us hold our grief inside. The death of his father has changed him but he has never really let his feelings show. The author does an excellent job of giving readers a moment to take in Matt’s grief and perhaps help us heal as well. I don’t know if you can ever get over losing someone, but there are moments when you need to allow yourself to show your feelings by crying or talking to someone.

The story follows several characters who interact with each other in ways that explain how important family, trust and acceptance is. Those that like fantasy books will enjoy this story with a good faith element and a look at a fight for good to win over darkness.”

Full reviews can be found at Celebrate Lit.

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